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Embrace the journey of RE-fresh & rejuvenate yourself with our products.

our vision

Our Vision

At RE-fresh, we are dedicated to changing the way one cares for their scalp. Current anti-dandruff solutions often don’t address our many diverse sensorial preferences and scalp needs. For all of us searching for solutions to treat our scalp, we consistently find ourselves with the same mundane anti-dandruff regimen that turns our daily shower into a chore rather than a pampering, cleansing experience. We want to change this current landscape and make your shower something to look forward to. You can welcome a fresh way to treat your scalp and relieve symptoms of dandruff with our four unique collections that offer an enjoyable sensorial experience. Formulated with salicylic acid to help eliminate flakes and symptoms associated with dandruff, we’re confident our shampoo and conditioner systems will have you leaving your shower with hair that feels fresh, fragrant and ready for your day. We've also added scalp treatments to each of our collections to enhance your scalp care regimen. We’re dedicated to Holistic Scalp Care and we’re just getting started.

our team

Our Team

RE-fresh Scalp Care launched in July 2019 to change the way one cares for their scalp and dandruff needs. Started by a group of haircare professionals, we were frustrated with the current selection of anti-dandruff options as chore-like, unrepresentative of our diverse needs. Hence RE-fresh Scalp Care was born. With our line of carefully crafted formulas and scents, we seek to make your anti-dandruff routine an enjoyable experience.

our principles


We set about this task by creating shampoo and conditioner formulas with 90% Naturally Derived ingredients that will take you to a different world with every lather.

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We care about our impact on the environment and will continuously strive to reduce our footprint and build a more sustainable future. That is why each of our bottles is recyclable and made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Holistic Scalp Care

Holistic Scalp Care

We are dedicated to Holistic Scalp Care. This means that we are carefully constructing formulas that work to treat and pamper your scalp. Our anti-dandruff formulas contain salicylic acid to tackle symptoms of dandruff. RE-fresh and rejuvenate yourself with our product and achieve your #scalpgoals.