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How to Exfoliate Your Scalp

How to Exfoliate Your Scalp

Why Scalp Exfoliation Improves Your Hair Health?

A healthy scalp produces, maintains and promotes healthy hair. Unfortunately, buildup made of sweat, oils and products is a natural occurrence, and can interfere with a healthy scalp environment. Shampooing helps, but lathering up with wash and care duo alone rarely gives our scalps a deep clean. A scalp exfoliation can help with that.

Think about it: Scalp is skin. When you need to refresh dry, dirty or patchy skin on other parts of your body, you can use an exfoliating scrub or a stronger buffer. For the skin on your face, you’ll opt for a facial or a mask. Your head deserves and needs that extra attention, too.

If your head and your hair are quite oily or even very dry, they could benefit from a regular scalp exfoliation (as long as there are no sores or cuts or other conditions to be mindful of). You want a nice, healthy, strong foundation for hair to grow from. Scalp exfoliation improves your hair health in many ways:

1. It increases circulation.

Using your fingers, textured ingredients or a bristling brush will help massage the top layer of your skin and the root of your hair at once. This action brings more blood flow to the top of your head—not to mention feel extremely satisfying!

2. It removes product buildup.

Think about how much product you use every day. Then imagine the remnants of each product remaining a bit on your scalp. With scalp exfoliation, your scalp gets a clean, satisfying do-over with no leftovers, and imparts a clean base for your favorite product to work more efficiently next time.

3. It provides that deep clean.

This will help shake off any stubborn flakes or even get rid of any fungus or inflammations that could lead to dandruff.

4. It promotes hair growth.

Excess oil can build and clog hair follicles, leading to hair loss. A healthy scalp includes a healthy level of natural oils optimal for hair maintenance and growth.

How to Exfoliate Your Scalp

There are different ways you can exfoliate your scalp.

  • Scalp exfoliation can be a fun DIY project: You could make a scrub by adding some texture such as sugar for an exfoliating treatment.
  • A scalp scrub detox brushing routine gently scrapes away dead skin cells. Use a teasing brush to buff away. Cleanse your hair with a RE-fresh Scalp Care Scrub for extra clean, then rinse out with a RE-fresh Scalp Care Conditioner.
  • Make sure you pick out a scalp exfoliating scrub that works with the quality of your hair and also the sensitivity of your scalp. Some may include bigger particles; some may be gentler—don’t force anything that might be too harsh for you.
  • Customize your scalp exfoliation. In the same way that some of us shampoo fewer times a week and condition more, your exfoliating may vary from week to week, depending on need. Make sure to check in with the condition of your scalp and start prioritizing to schedule in a self-exfoliation. Review the results over time and adjust from there.

Either way, you want your hair to start shining from the very bottom of your hair strand. Exfoliate to shine away!